5 common causes of Blocked Drains

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5 common causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be an expensive and time-consuming issue to fix if not addressed correctly.

Here we identify the most common causes of blocked drains and how to prevent it - which could save you money, time and hassle!

1. Grease and Fat

Even though Grease and Fat down the kitchen sink is one the most common causes of blocked drains, it's also the easiest to prevent.
Fat and grease become quite sticky, so when washed down the sinks they easily attach to the inside of the pipes, which ultimately can block the drains altogether.

It's easily avoided, simply pour fats and grease into a container and place in the bin.

2. Hair

Hair might seem too delicate to block drains, and yet the gradual build up of hair down can result in blocked drains and pipes.

So keep an eye around the plug hole and pull out any build up of hair before it ends up down the drain.

3. Foreign objects

A build up of objects such as soaps, nappies and sanitary items can create serious drainage problems.
It's important to check to what is put down your toilet or sinks - and keep an eye out for any missing kids’ toys as these can sometimes end up being accidentally flushed too!

4. Toiletries

Toilet paper is obviously meant to flush down the toilet, but be careful not to use huge amounts of it - as it could end up blocking up the whole system.

And a big no-no - wipes!
Throw wipes in the bin - as they are not meant to be flushed.
Likewise nappies. If they are flushed, it won take long before you'll be calling out a plumber to clear a blockage.

5. Trees and Leaves

The garden is another problem area for blocked drains - especially in leafy suburbs like Turramurra.

Leaves and debris hosed off hard surfaces can easily clog up drains.

The best option is to sweep up and collect the leaves and pop it all in the compost bin.


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