Healthy Drains

Turramurra Blocked Drains




It seems the health of our drains and sewers in Australia isn’t important to some despite continual messages about what you can and can’t flush down the loo or wash down the sink.

The consequence of flouting these recommendations can be costly as it can result in blocked drains that will need to be cleared by a professional.

This is especially true when incomes to disposable wipes, grease and oils.

Recently Yarra Valley Water (YVW) donated a ‘fatberg’ to the Melbourne Museum to show how blocked drains can be caused by flushing these wipes down the toilet.

A fatberg isa congealed mass formed in a sewer by the combination of non-biodegradable solid matter like wet wipes, grease and cooking fat. 

According to YVW,  each week around 14 tonnes of congealed mass is removed from the sewer system, costing the company $1 million a year .

While according to the Water Services Association of Australia,  block drains and sewers caused by wet wipes cost over $15 million each year.

We really need to get the message out that these wipes need to be disposed of in the garbage bin, or not used at all, to prevent blocked drains in the home.


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