Leaf Litter

Turramurra Blocked Drains




When it comes to blocked drains, a big contributing factor is leaf litter.

Fallen leaves, and tree debris can build up over years, high up out of sight, and unless you have a gutter guard, can lead to major problems with the drainage system of your property.

As usual, prevention is the key. Gutter guards are a good way to keep the leaves out, but even if you do have mesh over your gutters, tiny bits of leaf and debris can make their way through the gaps which is why it’s worth getting gutters cleaned regularly by a professional.

While this prevents blocked drains from creating more serious problems, it also helps protect your home against ember attack if in a bushfire prone area.

Obviously it’s also a good idea to prevent the leaves falling onto your roof in the first place so it is also recommended to trim overhanging branches to help stop a build up of litter that can lead to blocked drains.

Leaf litter trapped in gutters can also lead to them deteriorating faster due to the sludge sitting there and eroding the metal over time.

Prevent blocked drains by getting gutters checked regularly and it will save you time and money in the long run.


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