Preventing Blocked Drains

Turramurra Blocked Drains




A bin in the bathroom can save time and money


Sanitary items and nappies are a big cause of blocked drains and while most people know this, many still make the huge mistake by flushing them down the toilet assuming they´ll just break up and wash away.

But it´s not so simple as they will swell further with water and cause huge problems in the plumbing.

Placing a bin in the bathroom is a simple way to avoid family members and guests doing this in the fist place.

Often you won´t know what the problem is at the time and will need to call in a professional to find out what is causing the blocked drains that have brought everything to a standstill.

This is an avoidable expense not to mention a time consuming fix.

We need to remember to teach out children about drains are for and what can´t be flushed down toilets and sinks. Small toys are often found to be the culprit and a simple chat can prevent this from happening.

We all need to take responsibility for the health of our drains and good practises that start with the adults in the home will help ensure blocked drains don´t occur at your place unnecessarily.

A good maintenance program will also keep drains as healthy as possible so you aren´t wasting your hard earned money on problems that can easily be avoided.


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