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Don´t let smelly or blocked drains ruin the sale

So you´re thinking of selling the house but have noticed a smell coming from the drains in the bathroom and laundry.

At this point it´s highly advisable not to ignore the odour as it could be an indication of something more sinister like blocked drains.

If a potential buyer gets a whip of this, they could be put off and walk away or could use this as a negotiating tool so you don´t end up with the price you want.

It´s much better for you to get a professional to flush your drains and prevent blocked drains from happening in the near future.

Home buyers are much more astute these days and very aware of what to look out for and beware of. Smelly rooms are not desired and need to be sorted before any inspection takes place.

Don´t be tempted to put perfume down the drain as this just creates more attention to the problem.

A professional will roll our the high pressure water jetter, give the drains a good clean and make sure the water is flowing away as it should in a well maintained property.

A small investment can lead to a better result at the sale point and is well worth the effort in the long run.

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